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Selling a Business

Selling a BusinessIf you are interested in selling your business in Florida, the knowledge, experience and discretion of Palm Beach Business Brokers will be valuable assets in your endeavor. Our staff has more than 50 years of combined experience and has handled well over 1,000 business sales in the South Florida market, the most trusted business broker in South Florida and Boca Raton.

Incidentally, the current state of capital gains tax laws makes the present time a very attractive one for a business owner to sell a business in Florida. A properly managed transaction can now produce substantial tax benefits for a seller, particularly in an installment sale over an extended period of time.

An accurate business valuation will be crucial to a successful sale. Our business brokers have the knowledge of the Florida market and experience to produce a business valuation that accounts for the tangible assets and earnings of your company, as well as its potential for expansion and success.  Palm Beach Business Brokers is the most respected business brokers in Palm Beach County and South Florida.

As you prepare to sell your business, we suggest that you:

  • Have a valid reason to sell – the more valid your reason, the more interest you will generate among buyers
  • Don’t wait until it’s too late – selling your business for economic or emotional reasons will lead you to the wrong deal for the wrong reasons
  • Have your financial records and documentation prepared – The more meticulous the better. Our business brokers will help you identify what you have and what you’ll need
  • Be part of the marketing team for the sale of your company – you know your business best and we will help you put the information to use in securing a buyer
  • Don’t let your operations slip – maintain your normal business hours, inventory and appearance
  • Maintain confidentiality in your day-to-day operations and let us engage the market
  • We will pre-qualify potential buyers for your business. Our evaluation will include financial credentials and will extend to competence and compatibility of potential buyers to help determine whether or not they can be successful after the deal is closed.

In the listing and marketing of your company, and throughout the transaction, we will work with both you and the buyer under strict confidentiality to help ensure the successful completion of the sale of your business.

Palm Beach Business Brokers will enhance the credibility of your business simply by association. Having been in business for over 43 years we represent stability, trust and fair dealing in the Southeast Florida business community.

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Business Valuations

Interested in buying or selling a company in Florida? An accurate business valuation will be crucial to your success. Determining the value of a business requires an understanding of the market, knowledge of current listings and experience in accounting for all the significant assets of a company.

The marketplace plays the ultimate role in determining the price range for a business. The experienced professionals of Palm Beach Business Brokers determine the value of a business based upon assets, financials and other elements, and will help you get a grasp on what price your business will command in the South Florida market using comparisons with sold businesses in your market segment.

A business must generate sufficient cash flow to provide the owner(s) a reasonable living wage and to meet the debt service for the financing (either seller or SBA) used to purchase the business. Business valuations must account for these elements, as well as the assets of a company, including infrastructure, inventory, staff, equipment and vehicles. The availability of complete earnings statements, tax records and financials will also significantly shape the valuation of a business.

But the value of a business is more than the sum of its parts. An accurate valuation of a company must incorporate comparative market factors and must also plumb areas of value that are not so readily apparent, such as earning potential and customer base.

Working with experience and integrity, our business brokers know what to look for in a company and where to look for it to produce an accurate business valuation. We can help you determine the best price range and conditions of sale for your business in the South Florida marketplace, as well as the right price range for a business that you are interested in purchasing.

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Seller FAQ

1.  How do I sell my Business and not let customers or employees know that it is for sale?

We have all prospects sign a Confidentiality Agreement and get as much information as possible before giving them the actual name, address etc.

2.  How long does it take to Sell my Business?

On average Domestic Buyers 2-6 months, Foreign Buyers 6-12 months.

3.  How much is the cost to Sell my Business?

No upfront fee is charged and usually the Broker commission can be added on the Price of the Business.

4.  How do I determine the value of my Business if I want to Sell?

We can help provide you a very good estimate using experience and comps from previous sales in your industry.

5.  Do I sell the Corporation or just the assets?

Usually, you sell the assets of the Corporation including the trade name, phone, assets etc.