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Buying a Business

Whether you are planning on buying a business for the first time or seeking to expand existing business holdings in Palm Beach County South Florida, your potential for success will be significantly enhanced by enlisting the aid of a professional from Palm Beach Business Brokers.

With more than 1,000 successful transactions over the past 43 years, our business brokers bring a thorough knowledge of the local florida business market and access to a database of more than 3,500 florida listings to your search for a business to purchase.

Our business brokers will work with you in selecting the right acquisition to suit your needs. At the outset of your search, we will:

  • Gather information from the source each business listing of interest
  • Furnish you with pertinent data about a company’s finances, earning potential, assets and employees
  • Provide you with a market perspective for each listing to ascertain the cost and value of potential acquisitions compared with similar businesses in the local market

Once a listing has been selected, we will help you:

  • Prepare an offer to purchase the company
  • Manage each step of the transaction as the acquisition proceeds
  • Engage in an interactive process of developing business plans and strategies for success
  • Affect a smooth transfer of ownership, enlisting the aid of the seller to promote a successful transition

Working with honesty and under strict confidentiality, we strive to ensure the completion of a successful acquisition for both you and the seller.

Call a professional business broker at Palm Beach Business Brokers today and let us guide you through the often daunting task of buying a business in Florida.

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Buyer FAQ

1.  Does it cost me $ for you to find me a business?

No.  The Seller of a Business pays the commission to the Brokers.

2.  If I buy a Business will I get training from the Seller?

Yes!  It is normally in the Listing how long the Seller will work with the new Buyer.  If the Buyer needs additional training, the agreement can usually be made with the Buyer and Seller.

3.  How do I know the information provided from the Seller is correct?

Due diligence is where the Buyer requests and is provided pertinent information provided by the Seller and or Accountant.

4.  How many Businesses does Palm Beach Business Brokers, Inc. have available for sale?

Hundreds locally and thousands statewide.  4000 plus or minus total.

5.  If I want to Buy a business, does your Brokerage Firm help with contract paperwork, etc?

Yes, we have our MLS approved forms that we can help you with and also have several attorneys’ and CPA’s that we can refer you to.